Xprecia Stride

Džepne veličine, uz pouzdanost za laboratorije

Primarna nega, urgentna medicina i bolnice zahtevaju brza i pouzdana PT/INR testiranja oralne antikoagulacione terapije (OAT). Zato je Siemens rešio da predstavi Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation analizator, ručni uređaj koji testira PT/INR sa laboratorijskom tačnošću.
Sample Type
Fresh capillary whole blood

Sample Size
Capillary: 6 uL

See test strip package insert for details

Performance Characteristics
Reporting range: 0.8–8.0 INR. Results outside this range will be displayed as Out of Range.

Memory Recall
At minimum, 640 patient results, 300 Liquid Quality Control results, 300 error messages

Xprecia™ Data Management Software (DMS)
Provides a simple, easy way to transfer data to and from the Xprecia Stride analyzer and a PC. The analyzer connects to a computer via USB to transmit:
Operator ID list; analyzer and operator settings
Analyzer software (firmware) upgrades
Patient and Liquid Quality Control results
Analyzer fault log

Results Displayed
International Normalized Ratio (INR)
Calculated seconds

Electronic Quality Control (EQC)
Two quality-control checks verify the integrity of the test strips. The first control checks the presence of adequate sample and reagents on the test strip, and the second control detects test strip degradation due to exposure to environmental conditions. If either control fails, the system reports an error rather than an incorrect result.

Liquid Quality Control (LQC)
LQC tests help meet regulatory compliance requirements applicable to your facility. Use control solutions to perform quality-control checks on both the analyzer and test strips to ensure they are functioning correctly.