Inovativna molekularna dijagnostika

VERSANT® kPCR Molecular System* donosi precizne i pouzdane rezultate uz maksimalnu produktivnost. Fleksibilnost ovog sistema u kombinaciji sa rastućim menijem testova će podržati kvalitativne i kvantitativne detekcije širom mnogih primena molekularne dijagnostike.
Za detaljan spisak testova (koji se često menja) posetite sajt proizvođača.
The VERSANT® kPCR’s universal extraction protocol and reliable kinetic Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) assays enhance test performance, delivering accurate results you can trust. Rapid automation technology allows the lab to process more samples in less time. The VERSANT kPCR Molecular System* provides the versatility your lab needs to meet emerging challenges in molecular testing.
Designed for enhanced reproducibility and confidence, the VERSANT kPCR Molecular System offers labs a simple, convenient solution for molecular testing that combines system flexibility with efficient closed-tube processing and shorter assay run times.

Its streamlined, automated operation makes VERSANT kPCR the perfect choice for labs that want to increase productivity in PCR testing.

Leverage these unique benefits of VERSANT kPCR:

Excellent quality extraction
Proprietary nucleic acid extraction process supports a wide variety of sample types
Smaller particles allow optional bead suspension time
Homogenous silica-coated beads for highly reproducible results

Enhanced sample identification and safety
Patient and sample tracking from primary tube to result
Sample input volume up to 500µL
Total aspiration and dispense monitoring (TADM) during sample transfers detects problematic samples, maximizing sample quantity and quality

Confidence in results of your PCR analysis
Efficient assay primer and probe design minimize impact of genomic diversity
TaqMan** PCR technology maximizes the accuracy of results
Optimal sensitivity and wide dynamic range
Effective sample contamination controls ensure sample integrity:
– Air displacement pipetting (ADP) and disposable tips
– Physical barriers and prevention of carry-over contamination
withuracil-DNA glycosylase (UNG) control
– CO-RE tip technology minimizes aerosol production

Optimized laboratory workflow and throughput
Automated sample preparation provides sample-in, result-out capability
Up to 96 samples per run with short turn-around times of less than 6 hours
Best-in-class hands-on labor for run preparation less than 35 minutes (over 30% less labor than closest competitor)

Process efficiency and connectivity
Fully automated intermodule plate map transfer from sample preparation to amplification detection
Runtime tracking and “walk-away” performance
Simplified worklist set-up and customizable reporting options
Bi-directional LIS interface for fast data transfer